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Comfort, Quality, and Support at End of Life

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End of life for a dog or cat may be a difficult time for both pets and their owners. The professional team at Greece Animal Hospital provides support, guidance, and a comfortable serene passing for your cherished companion.

Comfort and Quality of Life

Whether your pet is aging, acutely ill, injured, or has a chronic disease, the end of life can bring tough decisions and choices for pet owners. Palliative care or euthanasia requires thoughtful consideration and professional guidance. Our veterinarians will provide you with compassion, honesty, and answers to every question regarding options for pet care at the end of life.

We focus on comfort and quality of life for every patient, at every age. Our palliative care plans usually combine treatments that include both pharmaceutical and alternative therapies. We design a plan to maintain comfort and quality of life for pets, with deep consideration for your family’s needs and wishes.

Safe, Effective Therapies

Proactive treatment is applied as we predict the course of a pet’s illness. Our effective therapies ensure your dogs and cats never experience uncontrolled pain.

Treatments may include anti-inflammatory drugs, opioids, local anesthetics, antibiotics, diuretics, anti-seizure medications, or chemotherapy.

In combination with medical treatment, nondrug and alternative therapies are available to enhance quality of life. Such options include nutritional support, referral for rehabilitation, IV fluids, surgical procedures, and acupuncture.

End of Life

Euthanasia is never an easy decision. Our compassionate veterinarians and support team will instruct and guide you in determining when that time has come. We provide the most humane options for your pet, with comfort and support for patients and their families.

Contact us for palliative pet care and end of life options.

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