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Nutritional Counseling and Prescription Diets for Pets

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Proper nutrition is the cornerstone of pet health and longevity. Greece Animal Hospital provides nutritional assessments, dietary planning, and prescription diets for your dogs and cats.

Healthy Diet at Every Age

Our veterinarians recommend a healthy diet based on the age and medical needs of each patient. Modern pet foods must meet the nutritional standards set by the Association of Feed Control Officers (AAFCO). These standards require pet food products to maintain specified amounts of vitamins and minerals, fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.

AAFCO-approved products contain a balance of nutrients for proper growth and health. Certain supplements, such as vitamins, protein, calcium and other minerals, can be harmful to the development of bones and joints in young pets. Never supplement your pet’s diet without consulting a veterinarian.

Nutritional Support for Medical Concerns

Certain diseases can be improved with specific nutritional supports. Prescription diets are often included in the treatment plan for our patients with the following conditions:

Our veterinarians have serious concerns regarding raw food diets (e.g., BARF diets) for pets. Studies have exposed the following issues:

Contact your Greece veterinarian for information and guidance about pet nutrition.

Prescription Diets in Our Pharmacy

Our in-house pharmacy allows you to administer your pet’s medications as soon as they are needed. We stock a variety of the most common pharmaceuticals used in veterinary medicine to treat illnesses, relieve pain, and enhance recovery. Your prescriptions are prepared during your pet’s visit and will be ready for you at checkout. Our trained staff will instruct you in the proper administration techniques and recommended doses for all medications.

Our hospital carries a variety of prescription diets to meet your pet’s health requirements and nutritional needs. These diets are fed as part of your pet’s total health plan.

Due to limited supply, requests for food refills must be submitted at least one week in advance of the desired pick-up date.

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