Let’s Snoop in Your Pet’s Poop: Join Our Roundworm Study!

Do you have a dog that’s 8 weeks or older? Has no monthly preventative been given within the past two months? Has no dewormer been given within the last 10 days?

Then your dog qualifies for a FREE fecal screening!

Our hospital is participating in a study and we’re looking for roundworms that are common in puppies and untreated dogs.

You don’t need to bring your pup in for the fecal screening phase, just drop off a sample no older than 24 hours to our office. This is free! If the sample is positive and you enroll,you will receive a $50 gift card, a free exam and a free month of intestinal parasite prevention.

We are excited about this study, so spread the word! You do not need to be a client at our hospital to participate. If you have any questions about the study or want to drop off a sample, give us a quick call at: 585-227-7100. Just ask for Kim, Lauren, Jill or Claire.