Dear Santa Claws… – Gift Ideas for the Fanged and Furry In Your Life

The holidays are coming up fast, which means that many pet parents are out looking for holiday gifts for their fur kids.  Finding the perfect gift for your companion animal can be fun; we all love to watch a pet enjoy a new toy or treat.

We said “enjoy.” Not “quietly tolerate.” Big brother Struensee is patient to a fault.

Here are a few of Greece Animal Hospital’s top pet holiday gift ideas:

  1.       A water fountain: Many cats love to drink fresh, flowing water.  Fountains encourage our finicky feline friends to stay hydrated.  Just make sure that you keep the fountain clean to prevent bacterial contamination.

(Penny’s note: Mom got one of these for my brother and I, since he has a bladder issue and needs lots of water. I just love sticking my head under the spray and then running through the whole house!)

  1.       Furminator de-shedding tool: This is one of our favorite grooming tools. It gently helps to remove excess undercoat fur and leaves your pet’s coat sleek and smooth. The Furminator comes in different sizes and colors for the perfect holiday gift.
  1.       A microchip: A microchip is the only form of permanent identification for your pets.  A microchip can be easily placed by your veterinarian.  Make sure that you register the microchip afterward, so that if your beloved pet is ever lost, the company associated with the chip has your most up-to-date contact information to help with their safe return.  Give your pet (and yourself!) the holiday gift of peace of mind.  You’ll know that if your pet ever gets lost, there is a much higher likelihood of being reunited if he or she has a microchip.

(Penny’s note: I just got my microchip. I’ll write a blog about that soon!)

  1.       Anything KONG!  These toys can be found at numerous pet shops. So many options are available for dogs, cats, and birds in numerous shapes, sizes, and colors.  They are made from a safe and bouncy rubber and are great to stuff with appropriate treats on special occasions.  
  1.       Lupine collars and leashes: Here at Greece Animal Hospital, we stock Lupine collars, leashes, and harnesses.  A flashy new accessory for your companion animal may be just the thing!  Lupine products are guaranteed for life – so even if your mouthy puppy chews through the leash, just bring it back, and Lupine will replace it for free.
  1.       Pet clothing: Is your pup a princess? Is your feline on the fancy side? We love seeing our patients dressed in the latest fashions.  For pets that are comfortable wearing clothes, it’s important to put your best foot – er, I mean “paw” – forward this season!

So stylish.

  1.       A new bed: The most comfortable pet holiday gift is a plush comfy bed.  There are so many choices available in stores and online, from fleece covered beds to supportive orthopedic beds for older pets.  Everyone can sleep soundly this season!
  1.       A bird feeder:  Indoor cats need mental stimulation to keep them happy and healthy.  A bird feeder placed outside a window can be a great source of entertainment for everyone in the house, and it will provide much needed nourishment for our feathered friends when it’s frosty outside.

Or a video for cats! Watching birds and squirrels on TV never. Gets. Old.

  1.   Travel safety items: Does your best friend ride in the car with you? Would you let a toddler ride in your car without being in a car seat? At Greece Animal Hospital, we want all pets to be safe on the road.  There are various sizes of seat belts and harnesses available, and small dog and cats should be kept safe in a carrier while traveling.
  1.   BarkBox: BarkBox is a company that delivers a package full of hand-picked toys, treats, and other gifts for your dog every month.  There are multiple subscription plans available, and you can pick what works best for your buddy and your budget.

And here’s an extra tip — did you know that by shopping at, you can help local animals in need? Just choose Rochester HOPE for Pets as your charity of choice, and AmazonSmile will donate a portion of every purchase you make.

Have fun picking out presents for your pets!  Post what you’re getting your fur kids on our Facebook page.  Don’t worry, we won’t spoil the surprise.


(Penny and Ellie are very grateful to Amy Gifford for helping them write their holiday gift list.)

The Tails Behind the Curtain – Writer Introductions

Hello, and welcome to Greece Animal Hospital’s shiny new blog! We’re your delightfully furry hosts, Penny and Ellie.

Poised. Elegant. The perfect author photo.

Yeah, but guess who’s gonna own social media?

So who on earth are we? And why are we the ones writing this blog? Well, our human parents spend so much time improving the lives of local animals and people that they don’t have much time to devote to a hospital blog. And soooo

…they passed the task along to us! Even though we don’t have opposable thumbs!

They are so trusting.

Anyway: We’ll be joining you monthly in order to share pet parenting tips, talk about medical and safety issues, and offer advice on everything from hot toys to family travel. For now, though, we’d like to take a few minutes to introduce ourselves.


Hey there. My name is Penny (short for Stacker Pentecost — yeah, my parents are nerds), and I’m here to help provide a feline perspective. I may look ultra posh, but I’m an adoptee — I spent the first few months of my life roaming the streets of Virginia with a broken tail. I went through several foster homes and shelters, until my current family (which includes Ella, the Customer Service Representative Supervisor here at Greece Animal Hospital) saw me at an adoption event. And they just couldn’t resist the fuzz.

Having a home is pretty great. Even if I have to share it with my older brother, Struensee. Check out this digital painting Dad did of us, though!

I’m here to help write about pet topics and to answer your questions. I’m also looking forward to busting some myths about cat-kind, and helping people better understand what animals like us need and want from our human keepers. After all — no one knows cats like a cat.

Oh, and for the record? I’m a boy.


Hey, I’m Ellie! Penny and I are so excited to start the Greece Animal Hospital blog! I was born in the Caribbean, and my dad, Dr John Sampson, adopted me and brought me to Scotland where he went to vet school.  I like to come hang out Greece Animal Hospital sometimes, and I can usually be found in the treatment room or snoozing under my dad’s desk.  I love to meet all the new puppies that come into the hospital.  Let’s chat about all things dog! Penny and I will update the blog monthly, so check out the Greece Animal Hospital Blog for more fun facts about pet health.  

I share my home with a brother, too — but we get along just fine. Even though he is tiny and very breakable.

Join us next time, when we’ll be discussing some great holiday gifts. We hope everyone is having a wonderful winter so far!